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Retired & Kicking is for Older People, say 60+, who are fed up with the alternatives offered and as far from being ‘elderly’ as it’s possible to be.

Retired & Kicking celebrates your mind, that it is wise, that it is insightful, that you want to engage with like minded, like valued people to share, discuss, debate, offer advice, humour and camaraderie.

Come on in and join the madding crowd!

Considering downsizing?


A website called downsizingdirect.com says you can save £2000 per year on running costs and release £100,000 in equity by becoming a SKIer. What do you think?

Don’t complain – ACT


As already the biggest demographic, it’s time us older people started to really drive what is morally right as sitting back certainly won’t effect the change the world needs …

Need your help …3498979.png

The College of Policing are the body tasked with raising the professional status of police officers and police staff. How they do their jobs contributes very much to how we, the general public, feel about the Police in general and how they do their job.

I know this is a potential minefield, but do you have, or know of, an experience (preferably no more than 36 months old) you feel you can share with us so we can feed it back to them?